Nu-Cork Products Pvt Ltd

Our Production Facilities

Starting as a modest idea back in 1992, Nu-Cork has blossomed into an exceptional leader in the cork and rubber products industry along with diversified products 

We have put together a line of uniquely designed cork and rubber products that cater to all the requirements of an exceptional sealing device. Incorporating diverse materials, you can find a range of cork and rubber sheets, gaskets, and much more!

Our Cutting-Edge Facilities

We have established two cutting-edge facilities in Bhiwadi Rajasthan, where we employ state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated production methods. Some of our prized machinery worthy of mentioning are:

Vacuum Compression Molding Machine

Vacuum Compression Moulding Machine

PU Dispensing Machine

PU Dispensing Machine

Rotocure Machine

Injection Molding Machine

Injection Moulding Machine

We have imported number of advanced machines from well-reputed sources in Germany, Italy, Korea etc. Furthermore, driven by encouraging local production, we have collected some of the best machines manufactured in India.

What Makes Our Team?

Without the hard work of our employees, our modern machinery would only get us so far.  Our team’s desire to succeed in productivity and accomplishment is the driving force behind our success, and Nu-Cork is overjoyed to be able to employ so many talented individuals to produce the best products for our buyers.  

Our Product Range



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