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Flexible Air Separator

Flexible air separator (Aircell) is provided inside the conservator of transformers for avoiding direct contact of air with the transformer oil.

Air Cell provides a permanent, flexible and non-porous barrier between the atmosphere and the transformer oil without affecting the operational function of the system.

The basic construction of the separator is a highly resistant fabric, coated externally to resist oil reaction and internally it is Ozone and weather resistant.

The bag is vented to the transformer through flange installation and inflates or deflates to compensate for oil volume displacements caused by temperature changes in the transformer. 

Rubber compounds are made to minimize separator deterioration and resist air leakage through membranes, hence lowering the amount of air in transformer oil. Over time, this air/gas can degrade the dielectric strength of the insulation system, accelerating its ageing. 

Advantages of Aircell

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