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Insulating Press Board, Kraft and Crepe Paper

We offer a total solution for Pre-Cpmpressed pressboards


Nu-Cork is a Leader in the Marketing and Export of Insulation Pre-Compressed pressboards, insulating Kraft and Crepe papers, Semi-conductive tapes, Polyamide film, DDP, and various kinds of paper. These items are made in India and are superior in quality and durability.

We offer a total solution for Insulation Pre-Compressed pressboards, which are used in a variety of transformer types. We provide these pre-compressed boards and paper following clients’ specifications from various regions of the world. These are created with high-quality raw materials and are available in a variety of specifications.


The following are the salient characteristics:

    • Produced with an intermittent board machine and ultra-pure unbleached softwood sulphate pulp
    • Simultaneous pressing and drying of the wet board to produce a board with high dimensional stability and electrical and mechanical strength.

Application area

Widely used as an insulating material in:

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