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Nano Crystalline Core

Nanocrystalline cores are being used in various novel applications than any other core material.

Nu-Cork Nano Crystalline cores materials and manufacturing processes outperformed all performance expectations, enabling clients to enter and compete in high class of accuracy for end users benefits.

As is the case with all our products, our nanocrystalline cores are a personalized solution that may be tailored to individual design needs.


The profiles of cores can be specified in C, E, Toroidal as well as in conventional AMCC, single, unstacked, or bespoke sizes.

They can also be made with several cuts to minimize fringing losses or set for custom machining to match specific applications.

As a customer-focused manufacturer, we provide extensive engineering support. We are equipped to handle production volumes ranging from a single prototype or proof of concept to large-scale mass production

Application area

We are committed to providing consumers with an easy, time and cost-effective one-stop purchasing solution for Nano-Crystalline Core.

We have a fully automated material manufacturing line, assembly line, and quality control system. Other than that, we have an experienced technical production team and competent sales – service staff. We will continue to go forward and do our best to satisfy our customers.

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