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Specially developed & designed in order to detect any failure of Aircell in Power Transformer

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Power transformer usually prevent contact of transformer oil with air (entering the aircell through the Breather) using a rubber bag or aircell fitted inside conservator tank. If there is an intrusion of air inside the conservator ( i.e. due to any accident outside or inside rubber bag or aircell) this must be detected. It has been specially developed in order to detect this kind of failure. The relay is designed in a way that it is able to collect the gas inside itself and give an electrical signal as soon as the gas accumulation reaches a predetermined value. It may be used for different Fluids in the conservator & Working temperature- from – 20°C to + 100°C

CPR device is suitable for outdoor installation in tropical climate and with industrial pollution.The device is under test for IP 67 (Ingress Protection). The relay is equipped with one magnetic switch contact, reed type, that operate when gas inside relay reaches the preset value. This switch can be normally open to contact or change over contact type.

When the atmospheric air is intruded inside the transformer conservator body due to rubber bag failure due to any accident it will be collected inside the relay and will cause lowering of float inside the relay (movement of float and quantity of gas can be detected from inspection window); a permanent magnet rigidly connected to the float, operates the reed contact.

In standard execution, all cast parts are protected by powder coating to shade RAL 7033 and hardware are of stainless steel. With reference to drawing and its nomenclature, which also indicates the materials, the device is constructed with a body made in aluminum alloy equipped with a connecting flange that permit mounting on Conservator by using a flat gasket and 4 screws. A cover equipped with a push bottom and a gas release cock that allows checking the contact and draining air from the body. A terminal box containing the coated terminals, the earth screw and a cable entry of PC 16 for connecting to the external circuits.

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