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As your one-stop supplier for top-quality sealing and protective products, materials, and custom rubber and gasket services, Nu-Cork is India’s largest manufacturer of “rubberized cork products” and “moulded rubber” products with holding over 50% + market share in India.

Our certified team is dedicated to responding flexibly to your unique market demand and constantly going the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

From on-time delivery to rising market difficulties, we share your priorities and devote all of our resources to meeting your demand for guidance, innovative solutions, and fast, dependable service.

Reasons to join Nu-Cork

We are aware of the sensitivity of our industry. Thus, a strict quality management approach is followed from raw material purchase to final product delivery. We have a large army of professionals, including technical experts, quality inspectors, and auxiliary personnel, who are capable of ensuring perfect product delivery.


Nu-Cork has established long-term strategic alliances with more than 26 major technology companies, enabling us to offer our channel partners best-in-class products, services, and end-to-end solutions. Our vendors span the whole technology spectrum and are global leaders in cork and rubber solutions.

We help our partners succeed by leveraging our experienced on-the-ground vendor knowledge, specialized pre-sales solution teams, and access to different tools, resources, and support.

Nu-cork constantly evaluates new manufacturers’ goods for inclusion in our portfolio based on their features, quality, price, profit margins, warranties, and current sales trends and coverage.

Nu-Cork will also assist you in expanding your product offerings by using cutting-edge new technological solutions while also increasing your margin opportunities!


Nu-Cork is fortunate to have seasoned and knowledgeable investors assisting us financially and strategically as we navigate our sector.

Our investors come from various backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is a track record of investing in successful mission-driven businesses. They’ve provided us with the resources necessary to optimize for the long term, and we’re grateful to have them along for the ride.

Not only is it critical that we collaborate with investors who share our interest and goals for investing in high-growth firms and driven people, but it’s also essential that we partner with investors who share our passion and enthusiasm for investing in high-growth businesses and inspired people.


Nu-Cork’s success is based on its ongoing ability to recruit and retain brilliant individuals who adhere to the highest ethical standards and provide an attractive work environment in which they can grow as people and professionals. The experience of the employee combines sharp insight with a worldwide vision!

We rely on a motivated and engaged employee to execute our business plan and accomplish our objectives. We are committed to fostering employee engagement and growth, building a diverse and inclusive workforce, adhering to labour and human rights legislation, providing a safe and secure work environment, and compensating our employees fairly.

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Inclusivity and Making a difference

At Nu-Cork, our greatest asset are our Members and we aim at delivering  Our Associates a wide range of unique benefits which include open offices, Friendly Culture, Recreational activities(games, dinning out together),Diversified  and Inclusive Workplace. Our opportunities are also as diverse as our workforce so no matter which career path you want to explore, Recherche is behind you. And moreover, we are not limited to a particular place, with Inclusivity we meant to work global, irrespective of any  differences and overcoming all the barriers and we are very well implementing this also.


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