Nu-Cork Products Pvt Ltd

Transformer Industry

Nu-Cork manufactures and supplies gaskets and seals for the electrical and electronics sectors, specializing in transformers. We create transformer insulators and gaskets for oil-filled electrical transformers regularly.


Transformer Insulation and Other Components

Nu-Cork mass produces the world’s most comprehensive array of transformer insulation and components that are safe and reliable.

Transformer components, including bushings, tap changers, insulation, accessories, and other transformer consumables, are critical in assuring the reliability and safety of transformers.

We are constantly tackling significant transformer technological trends and market difficulties in the transformer business by developing novel products that meet or exceed the stringent criteria of today’s transformer customers and standards.

Leading the Industry Since 1992

As a leading component manufacturer, Nu-Cork is committed to the research and development of competitive solutions that enhance equipment safety, power dependability, and efficiency while minimizing environmental effects.

For over 30 years, we have been the supplier of choice by serving the diversified needs of a developing industry, from replacements to upgrades.

We provide complete material certification and traceability to our customers. Our quality system enables customers to have complete control over the manufacturing process for their components.


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