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Other Industries

We manufacture and supply industrial gaskets to variety of industries. Each industry has unique requirements, issues, and frequently used materials.

We have considerable experience working with businesses across industries, and as a result, we are familiar with the processes and procedures unique to each industry.

Industries Include:










Aerospace And Defence Industry

Nu-Cork manufactures gaskets and seals for use in:




Military vehicles


Naval vessels

The aerospace and defense industries require a diverse spectrum of materials, notably polymers, rubbers, and foams. We have experience purchasing raw materials from manufacturers, ensuring that the material is newly cured and appropriate for use, and certified traceable.

Nu-Cork has a long history of supplying MOD-approved components, particularly those that must sustain subsea or altitude pressure and protect against extreme weather conditions. 

Automotive Industry


Nu-Cork makes automotive gaskets and seals, including paper and cork gaskets for sump and carburetor applications.

As we can make bespoke gaskets to your exact specifications, we’ve been involved in various automotive manufacturing processes, from pedal grips in racing cars to the restoration of historic vehicles and motorcycles.

Construction Industry

Nu-Cork design and manufacture flexible seals for use in building and manufacturing.

We have collaborated on numerous large-scale fabrication projects with architects and designers. Typically, gaskets for the construction sector are one-of-a-kind bespoke components or limited batch quantities. We can supply any quantity of parts, from particular to high-volume production.


Railway Industry


Gaskets in the rail sector are subjected to severe pressure and friction throughout their lifespan. Due to the complexity of modern lubricants and fluids used in railway vehicles, hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) and FluoroCarbon(FKM) is frequently used as a raw ingredient.

We can create and provide cork composite materials for flooring and rail pad applications. Nu-Cork also stocks fire retardant materials that meet modern rail material criteria requirements.


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