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Nu-Cork uses clean, low density, high-quality granulated "cork", directly imported from reputed manufacturer in "Portugal", combined with "virgin" selective polymers ensuring uniform dispersion & consistent properties conforming to customer requirements using internationally acclaimed high quality environment friendly processes.


  • Keeping oxygen and water minimum is the most efficient procedure to extend the life of a transformer.

  • Utilities are procuring transformer with air cell, breather, thermo-siphon, however bad gasket allows ingress of moisture, abundant oxygen thus drastic reduction in life of transformer.

  • A good gasket hardly costs 0.3 % cost of the transformer. Bad gasket may consume 30 % life of a transformer. It is therefore prudent to include gasket testing in the quality assurance program.

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New cars based on fuel cells, batteries or other engine based types, have usually a flat-bottom body, which is a good characteristic for cork floor applications in this field decreasing weight and carbon footprint.

New solutions for trains, trams and similar transportation vehicles were developed for innovative interior systems (floor, lateral panels, ceiling panels). These solutions are based on the light weight and thermal and acoustic insulation properties of cork. The first product is a natural energy absorber for high impact strikes (rail front ends, impact prone areas on automobiles and trains and carriages). In canoes and kayaks, this has the ability to absorb rock and beach impact while also having an excellent compression recovery. It does not absorb water and does not rot and is resistant to fungal growth.

A project (Mould-cork) is being carried out for the development of car parts (e.g., engine cover part) using cork composites in traditional car industry processes as stamping, injection and thermo-forming. It is predicted to decrease weight, and to increase thermal and acoustic insulation and also vibration damping, for better car performances, better comfort and emissions reduction.


Agglomerated cork blocks are made from cork granules bonded together with a polyurethane binder and pressure/heat treated to produce a very strong and flexible product that retains the characteristics of the natural cork, i.e. flexibility, resilience to compression and so on. The cork blocks are cut into sheets with any thickness required above 1.0mm up to 27mm The usual sheet sizes are 945*635mm.This material has a high density of around 230 kgm3.


Natures own unbeatable insulation material! Main uses include insulation in roof and loft areas, interior walls and flooring insulation. Product can be supplied in sheets 1m * 0.5m with thickness from 10mm to 320mm. Expansion joint material is also available.


When people talk about "rubber", they don't usually specify what kind. There are many different kinds of rubber, but they all fall into two broad types: natural rubber (latex—grown from plants) and synthetic rubber (made artificially in a chemical plant or laboratory). Commercially, the most important synthetic rubbers are styrene butadiene (SBR), polyacrylics, and polyvinyl acetate (PVA); other kinds include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polychloroprene (better known as neoprene), and various types of polyurethane. Although natural rubber and synthetic rubbers are similar in some ways, they're made by entirely different processes and chemically quite different.


  • Maximum Number of Transformer manufacture now days are switching over rubber products from cork as its founded that utilization of rubber in Transformer is far better compared to Rubberised Cork.

  • Using rubber gasket in transformer give better life to transformer.

  • Leakages chances get reduced by almost 90%.

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We are experts in u-channel extrusions, and we specialize in supplying extruded rubber shapes, extruded rubber seals and extruded rubber profiles. We also stock rubber extrusion for many applications. The standard profiles include U-Channels, P-profiles and other unique shapes. Common uses for rubber extrusion are sealing, noise control, vibration control and decorative trim. The elastomers used in our standard rubber extrusions are either weather resistant EPDM or SBR. Silicone, Neoprene, Viton and Buna-N are also available if your unique application requires a higher level of performance.



Most machines cause vibrations which can create uncomfortable working condition and an intolerable atmosphere. These vibrations may also decrease the machinery's life. High density expanded agglomerate planks of cork are a very efficient means of insulating machines and muffling vibrations.

Sound-Deadening Cork:- Due to its low conductivity of sound and vibrations, cork has one of the best insulating capacities of natural materials. It absorbs noises that improves acoustics in the room and insulates against both inside and outside noises.

Anti-Static Sheets and Pads:- Any static sensitive machinery or equipment should be placed on cork sheets to avoid electrical influences caused by potential static.


Nano crystalline cores are Iron Based cores which is a specially developed soft magnetic material with low magneto striction, high permeability (150000), saturation flux density of 1.25t and working temperature of 120 degrees celcius and above. These materials are available in widths of 5mm to 40 mm in steps of 5 mm and thickness varying from 20 microns to 30 microns.

Nano crystalline cores are very brittle and sensitive after annealing. Hence there is a need to encapsulate these cores by stainless steel casing or press board casing to avoid any changes in electrical values after winding, resin casting etc.


Nu-Cork Products (P) Ltd. has specifically engineered the flexible air separator for the electrical utility industry. It has been designed to be used inside a cylindrical type conservator acting as a barrier between the undesirable atmospheric elements like water vapor, oxygen and the transformer oil. This barrier also helps in surpassing the gas bubble formation in the transformer oil.

Each Aircell is custom made-up as per the customer’s specifications. The Aircell floats on oil and expands and contracts by breathing through a flange placed in a customer specified location.

  • Prevents with oil contact of surrounding air.
  • Eliminates oxidation of the oil due to air contact.
  • Excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone and humidity.
  • Excellent impermeability to oil and gases.
  • Long service life without maintenance.
  • Installation method available on request.


  • Importing Jumbo Rolls of Kraft/Crepe paper from reputed manufacturers around the globe.

  • Slitting is done as per the customer’s requirement with fully automatic slitting machines with very high accuracy.

  • Manufactured in dust free atmosphere under experienced staff.

  • Fully equiped laboratory for testing of final product.


  • Nu-Cork Products Pvt. Ltd. is a major importer of Electrical Grade Insulation Pre-compressed Pressboard (Transformer Board) and complete range of Machined Components. They are offered in a wide range of density as specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), an international body that maintains standards for fields related to electrotechnology.
  • Imported pre-compressed boards are Imported from authorized quality manufacturers of various countries in various sizes and PRE COMPRESSED PRESS BOARDS thicknesses.
  • There are two types of grades avalaible :- 2.6 & 3.1

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